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About me

I am an experienced Midwife and Tongue-tie practitioner. I work in a local hospital on Delivery Suite and, up until Covid struck, worked in a NHS tongue-tie clinic, seeing on average 12 babies per clinic. I completed my tongue-tie training at Southampton University Hospital in 2014 and joined the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners. I now work independently, having worked under a Practice Privilege Scheme with Private Midwives. I am fully insured and in the process of registering with the CQC. My practice is regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (PIN no: 13A0915E) and I have a valid CRB.

As a student midwife I completed my dissertation on tongue-tie which highlighted the very real feeding issues it can cause. Having had over four years experience in the clinic and privately, I have seen the difference tongue-tie division can make to both breast and bottle fed babies. Correcting a tongue-tie early can be beneficial for both the parents and baby however, there can be long waits for the service under the NHS.

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