What's involved?

Following a comprehensive feeding and oral assessment and the impact caused by the tongue-tie, I will complete a consent form with you if you are happy for the procedure to go ahead. Your baby will then be swaddled in a blanket to stop them knocking my hand mid procedure (babies like to grab things at inappropriate times!). This also allows for good visualisation. Using sterile gloves I will then elevate the tongue using a finger in order to be able to perform the division. At this point your baby may already be upset – quite a few object to being swaddled so please don’t be alarmed. Using single use, sterile scissors I divide the tongue-tie and apply some pressure with clean gauze to stop any bleeding. The baby is then quickly returned to the parents for a feed. Once the feed is finished I will check for any further bleeding and, if satisfied, will be on my way once all the aftercare information has been given.


You may experience an instant improvement with your baby's feeding however, it can take a few days for your baby to adjust to its new found freedom before you notice a difference. Sometimes, there is no difference. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have quoted studies showing that 88 – 100%  of breastfed babies show an improvement following the procedure.